The European Parliament has just agreed on a resolution defending freedom of expression as a fundamental value within the EU (See Magrethe Auken's article [in Danish]). At the same time, it is clearly stressed that freedom of expression must be exercised with personal responsibility and with respect for other's rights and sensitiveness.

Danish PM and present MEP (1992-2001), Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, criticized current PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen's whole handling of the issue. Danish MEP Magrethe Auken said: "We can now see that Fogh completely misjudged the matter. Until the trade boycott began, he has been more afraid of offending the Danish Folk Party than the whole Muslim world." (the Danish Folk Party is the fundamentalist right wing party leaded by Pia Kjærsgaard, supporting the govenment in many elections in the parliamentary so-called Folketing.

As my friend from London Aly Khan Hirani wrote me (I hope my citing you is ok, Aly):

"I still put the root cause down to the first election of G.W. Bush – the world is now an angrier, more dangerous place than it's ever been. But both sides are to blame, and the reaction to a few cartoons shows just how extreme the dark side of the polarised Muslim coommunity has become."

Well put. The rhetoric of an evil axis and one-tracked ideas of good and evil really made it all worse (see alternative Axis of Corporate Evil)


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