It has not at all been clear what the Danish PM really, really means: "»We are up against uncontrollable forces«, »we must see to, that we practice our freedom of speech without demonizing anyone«, »I will not comment on the motive, since that would only derail the debate«, »Personally I would never make such drawings my self«, »I cannot interfere in Danish newspapers editorial choices«, »I must admit that this debate now has taken a different course It now concerns the blessed feelings of a whole lot of muslims«" [Information's new 12 drawings]

The one part involved is just as dum as the other. Now, JP also speeks with two tongues. Firstly, they announce in international TV that they intent to publish 12 new drawings making fun of Moses and Jesus. Then later today they announce that this was a mistake and will not happen… What a farce! A hamlet newspaper going global – how fun and sad to witness; how futile.


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