Despite having not yet seen the movie Ray, the best soul singer ever Ray Charles' name is written all over my weekend! 12 albums and two boxed sets lie ready in the living room for enjoyment! I still can't believe how he managed to sing with such groove and tenderness at the same time – inspiring artists time and again.

If you only know Ray Charles from boring albums from the 1990's, check his 70s and 80s albums out! The best of disco-funk-soul I know from that period. This tribute site is simply great!

Request: If you have got his album 1978 album "Love and Peace", please let me know! I desperately seek it!


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  1. AB says:

    Peres. Skynd dig at se “Ray”. Det er faktisk en god film. Og lad mig høre når du finder Love&Peace. Den har stået på min ønskeseddel siden High Function spillede i Indelukket. Ciao 🙂

  2. Simon says:

    Hey AB! Tak for hilsen! Jeg vil bestemt se Ray og leder videre. Har indtil nu kun fundet én sang derfra, nemlig “Is there anyone out there” – en sjæler fra 50th Anniversary-albummet Genious and Soul… S

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