Following my dear friend Jacob’s recent suggestion, I have decided to cool down in my rage against the government’s handling of the Muhammed drawing case. I have to realize that most people do simply not know what they are doing or why they do it. So, who can blame them?


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  1. markr says:

    Ok I read your views on this topic and they are probably correct. Are the Danish really anti Islam. Are jokes about Islam all that bad?

    Here is one. There is a Priest, Rabbi and Buddist going into a bar……

    Any different

  2. Simon says:

    Yes. The Danish people are not ani-islamic in general. One can never generalize a whole bunch of people that happens to be located within some mathematical/geographical borders. And for instance we have a relatively large number of Muslim Danes. For their own sake, I hope they are not against their own religion. But yes. I believe there is a huge difference between lay people telling jokes about religious issues – and an opinion forming medium – such as the newspaper – JP explicitly and deliberately wanting to affront a certain group of people. But no one can handle the media. Neither can the government. But interestingly, out of 11 European countries having Muhammed-drawings-publishing newspapers, 9 or 10 governments have handled the matter the way I think it should be done:

    To state publicly, that the government distance itself from the publication, but that there is nothing you can do about it when you have the right to the freedom of expression. In one country, Denmark, the government stated publicly, that is was none of their business, and that if anyone felt hurt, they could just sue the newspaper. And in addition, our prime minister heralded the freedom of expression as an absolute right, only with responsibiliy to the law. He haven’t got a clue about ethical/moral issues in this connection. In effect, he shephard his country with bad diplomacy, if diplomacy at all, I think 🙂 [but this is just a repetition of my former views in my blog (february). Thanks for your comment, by the way!’

    Best, Simon

  3. markr says:

    Ok, you are not happy with the “SUPPOSED AUTHORIES” of Publishing. I certainly agree with that. Most stuff that comes in print is very biased.

    Therefore we now have weblogs which are also biased, but are I think much more open, and there are A whole lot more weblogs than there are papers or magazines.

    That is why you are here, expressing your thoughts; and I and other people are reading, thinking, and responding.

    Don’t worry about your Prime Minister. My President is just as bad. I think that goes with being in politics.

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