The Danish broadcast channel DR2 recently presented a new debate series to get hold of differences and divides of understanding "between the western and the islamic world".

Surprisingly, for some reason, the reaction of Mr. and Mrs. Sausage of Denmark has been negative. The reason being that one of the hosts, Asmaa Abdol-Hamid, simply wears a scarf!

All the predictable figures enter the debate. The "put them on an Island" hysterial woman Karen Jespersen, the politically correct Vibeke Manniche from the organisation Women for Freedom get agitated about the choice of Abdol-Hamid's looks and the political choice of DR2 to broadcast a TV programme with a Muslim host wearing scarf. Come on! Find something else to spend your time on.

Whatever the reason for that scarf, leave it be and smile! Life's more important than being busy about regulating other people's lives! Give me a break!


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