Sad. So sad. The poor people on the Sinai peninsula has been hit again. and some tourists too. Taba, November 2004; Sharm el Sheik, July 2005; and now Dahab: Aim of the terrorists: As many killed as possible.

In the 1980’s and 1990’s the war against the govenment was embodied by attacks on police stations and later by hitting tourists, thereby indirectly affecting the national product. But now things have changed. This is different. Apparently, the terror groups function differently now. Experts claim that the explosions in lovely Dahab has probably been conducted by smaller cells than the large blows in Sharm 2005. It seems as though the terrorists simply use any opportunity to show their anger. Whenever they get the dynamite they use it! Especially on holydays gathering many people at the same time and space. These explosion seems smaller but still needs some good planning. Certain bedouin fractions are famous for their smugler network. They could easily have got the dynamite.

I was in Dahab in November 2004, right after the blowing up of the Taba hotels. So shocking and sad to see pictures from the lovely diver’s oasis of the exact same restaurants that we visited. Now blown to pieces.


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