Back form Sardinia, here’s a photo shot ca. 1 hour after Fabio Grosso’s winning 5-4 goal in Berlin. Superstition may be the reason why the Italians are completely quiet while they watch the soccer game on a public open air screen – except after a goal, which is succeeded by the usual cries and bawls. But AFTER the match is won – aproximately 15 minutes pass – and hell breaks loose. Every engine-driven transportation is loaded with cheering crowds, waving their flag, shouting their anthem or other hymns, while the transportation honks continuously all night, be it overcrowded mopeds (2-3 people), trucks (20-30 on the barrel stand), cars, moter cycles, bikes, or buses… Quite festive – in a cacophonic and noisy way.


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  1. Adam T. says:

    Wow that’s so crazy, I just googled abou the world cup and this came up… I was in Sardinia too when they won!!! I wonder how close you were, hope you enjoyed it.


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