Once again, the Danish People’s Party (DF) is showing the way for the future. This time it is free resarch that is looked down upon. Langballe is a real role model for future research… [see Danish web source]

The active member of parliament, Jesper Langballe of the DF, recently has made it blatantly clear that it is OK to have explicit political agendas in control of scientific research. Moreover, he claims that since certain named Danish researchers and a specific university department “are not able to deliver anything useful” they should be excluded from research into particularly the connection between terrorism and political Islam!

I wonder if Langballe ever read a book on the theory of science… Or perhaps thefunction of science in society… Or maybe just on the pursuit of positive knowledge and the general idea of methods of science.

By the way, Langballe, unbelievably member of the Parliament, became known for entering the rostrum and stating that “Islam is like a plague on the surface of the Earth”(!) So don’t get me wrong: He is a rabid, radical fundamentalist, and perhaps even dangerous. On the other hand, he is hopefully just regarded to be a high voiced hysterical old fart.

So, DF, don’t come running with your bad hypocracy when discussing the ‘debate of values’ and attack the proclaimed “red mercenaries” of the left wing… So hollow. So hollow indeed it sounds to me!


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  1. brother numsi says:

    You certainly got a point here mr. parsimon and I do agree on a lot of this. However it should be mentioned, that DF along with De Radikale (a strange couple!) was the only parties to really stand up against the new university law of 2004 precisely on behalf of the freedom of academic research from industrial and commercial bias. In the case of DF perhaps because they much prefered political bias instead.

  2. Simon says:


    True! I remember the surprising – and beneficial – turtledoves from 2004. Very cunning comment though. Cheers. I think you may be right that on the weight, political bias is heavier than industrial and/or commercial bias. Langballe is a smoking gun directed at “free research” (as long as he is allowed to smoke in his still sacrosanct office os his); whatever ideal the concept of free research represents. Maybe we should as our friend Trofim Lysenko about that.

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