The notorious Danish Youth House (Ungdomshuset) has been emptied by Danish Police, causing street riots Thursday night. Fires, stone and bottle throwing frustrated youngsters that do not feel their voices have been heard by the mayor and other local capital politicians… Demonstrations has turned into battle with the police. Yesterday, 216 people were arrested. Now, the Christian cult or organisation will either remoce the old ramshackle house from the surface of the earth and build a new house on the premises, or they will refurbish the existing house and move in. But what will happen to all the poor, rich youngsters, the “victims” of capitalism, or whatever they call themselves? Well. Here’s a very interesting solution.

An anonymous group of givers has bought a house for the youth in Second Life! A virtual youth House. According to the magazine Computerworld, the coordinates are: 201-134-77 and the previous owners were Danish Red Cross!

I think it is brilliant!

[Visit the Danish site]

[And the “Ungdomshuset Blir’ ” music video. Well… The Youth House stays… but in virtual second life…]


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