Only pet lovers will probably understand. But it’s so sad. Last night, we lost our beloved Norwegian wood cat, named Miso. A car had probably hit her and broke her spinal column, paralysing both her rear legs. Quite amazingly, and despite her paralysis, she managed to drag herself forwards by her forlegs – all the way around the house and close to our backdoor in the garden. There she lay, waiting for us to find her. The vet destroyed her (that’s the veterinarian term) with an overdose of narcotics. So sad. So sad. We miss you, lovely Miso. It is amazin to think about the forces leading Miso to struggle for so long, to come home to the place of safety, our home. Just before the narcotics dragged Miso into the arms of Morpheus, she licked Charlottes finger gently.


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