Finally, long awaited spring is here! And I have just learned that I share a certain destiny with ca. 25% of all people on planet Earth. It is a very common, yet not dangerous phenomenon, called sun sneeze.

Many a person may think that everyone sneezes when looking at the sun – or into a bright light bulb. But no! The number 25% enters here. To me, this a very surprising and reassuring fact. Throughout my childhood, I have been told that it is a mere myth to sun sneeze, and that the effect, when undertaken by me, was more of a phychosomatic ilk! Hell no!

A sad consequence of this harmless deficit or whatever it should be called, is that I cannot be a fighter pilot! Years of future dreams fall apart. Desillusion, depression, and a general state of carelessness is the predictable result. Hmm. Or maybe not.

Medical scientists do not really know why some of us sneeze after turning the eyes in the direction of the sun. The reason is that scientific investigations don’t recover the reasons for sneezes in general. Hence, nor the sun sneeze reflex. Interesting subject for more reasearch, I’d say!

[the Danish term for ‘sun sneeze’ is “Fotisk lysrefleks“]


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  1. Master tJ says:

    I too do the sun sneeze – or on my language, swedish: “fotisk ljusreflex”! (Note btw that Sweden and Denmark are neighbours…)

    We are very special.
    I’ve always been told that, then beaten, but now I know they’ve always just been jealuse.

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