According to the national statistics’ homepage (Danmarks Statistik), in the period 1985-2005, one baby was given the name Adolf in 1997 – and one baby was named Pol in 1990 (as in Adolf Hitler and in Pol Pot…). In the same period, only two newborn humans were given the name Jesus, viz. in 1992 and 1996 (as in Jesus Christ). In 2004, one person was named Sigmund, one Wolfgang (1991), one Atlas (1997) as in Freud and Amadeus Mozart and the world lifting God.

For some reason, Emmanuel has grown more popular than Immanuel (as in Kant) over the years, andit appears as though exotic names are the thing to do. For instance, the Christian name Peter, a very common Danish name, has lost popularity ever since the beginning of the chosen period (1985-2005) from 528 in 1985 to a modest naming number in 2005 of 148 Peters! Who will revitalise this name? (the first Petrus was unearthed in 1994, though). The same trend goes with Martin, Ditte, Gitte, Pernille, Marianne, Yrsa, Karina, Anne (Anna has grown more popular), Maibritt, Lone, Lisbeth, Ole, Thomas, Allan and Vagn.

Interestingly, until 1994, only a few Muhammeds were unearthed in Denmark, but from that year on, the average number of Muhammeds increased to ca. 26 boys a year. In the same period, the traditional Danish name Ib was completely lost several years ago, and before that only with 1-2 namings a year since 1986.

Bur the winner of weirdness, I think, is a completely new Danish name, which was given to a boy in 2003: ORBIT!!!

My name is Bond. Orbit Bond…


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  1. Gertrud says:

    Orbit Bond. Jeg må le. Er der ikke noget tyggegummi henne i udlandet, der hedder orbit? Det er usandsynligt kreativt. Ib, trist, hvis det skal forsvinde, men alligevel ikke trist nok til at jeg vil belemre et eventuelt barn med det. Super indlæg. Kom lige forbi, da jeg så, du linkede til mig. Tak for sidst. Vi ses nok til snydebryllup hos hr og fru luskebuks.

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