(picture from GAFFA)

George Michael concert in Århus, May 18th, 2007.

Following the words “So here I am”, former WHAM lead singer and solo artist for several years, George Michael, entered a graphical, star spangled stage. He gave the audience of 33.000 disco-greedy people a series of dance hits and ballads, visually accompanied by Bill Viola‘s state of the art graphical masterpieces of digital color and 3D visualisation on a huge electric carpet from the ceiling and to the stage floor. Amazing.

And then there were the political statements. One statement was not very different from e.g. Madonna’s. The artist hates war. And then in a gigantic rubber inflatable blow-up figure of George Bush, he made Tony Blair a puppy giving Bush a blow job. bj.jpgNot too original, but funny enough (and a repetetion of the same trick from the concert last year).

Then he demonstrated his opinion on the recent, tragic mass killing at Virginia Tech.:

“When will the press stop putting their names and faces on the frontpages? They don’t deserve it. They’re just nobodies, and the press makes them just as famous as they want to be.” These were more or less his words. Pop, art, and opinion.

The feel and general ambience during the concert was great. We got what we came for and more than that, thanks to the fantastic digital and analogue light-and-color show, orchestrated by Mr. Viola.

Concert play list:

1st set: 1 Waiting, 2 Flawless (Go To The City), 3 Fastlove, 4 Precious Box, 5 Father Figure, 6 Everything She Wants, 7 Ticking (Elton John-interpretation) , 8 Praying For Time (sung in front of an exploding, setting Bill Viola-sun), 9 Too Funky, 10 Star People, 11 Shoot The Dog (including selected scenes from the music video cartoon).


2nd. set: 12 Faith, 13 Spinning The Wheel, 14 An Easier Affair (accompanied by explicit, sexy all-three-combinations-of-sex-music macro-video), 15 Jesus To A Child, 16 Amazing, 17 I’m Your Man, 18 Outside.

Extra: 19 Careless Whisper , 20 Freedom ’90.


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