About Simon Olling Rebsdorf

Simon Olling Rebsdorf (b. Odense, Ansgar’s Parish, Sept. 30, 1971).

Journalist (DJ), PhD (science studies), MSc (physics)

Project Manager at House of Natural Sciences

I live in Hald Ege, Denmark, with my wife, Charlotte, and my kids Dirch and Vigga.

Don’t forget: Personal blogs are but mere ego PR vessels!

Favourite Quote

“Superstition brings bad luck” [R. Smullyan in 5000 BC, 1984]


Cynophobia [fear of dogs], teleophobia [… of definite plans], aibohphobia [… of palindromes]


  • Making and playing music (mostly bass, keyboard/piano, guitar, iPad)
  • Creative writing
  • Running in the woods (and some biking too)

Bio anagram

Gil Elmsford Robinson, son of Bill Roger’s mind