My current band

Instrumental jazz trio, (2011-)
Erik Andreasen (guitars)
Steen Pallesen (perc.)
Simon O. Rebsdorf (double bass)

My instruments

– Upright bass
– electric bass
– acoustic guitar (basic)
– piano (basic)
– drums (basic)
Watch my instruments

Solo projects

Using Mac audio software with my voice and other instruments, I have created some sound for you to hear. I plan to upload it soon…

Former bands

Earlier, I have played in some bands. Below is a list.

BlueBird 42

Pop-latin/-jazz (2008-2010)
Pernille Dahl (voc.), Erik Andreasen (guit.), Jacob (dr.), Simon (double bass)

Watch the live video playlist :


Disco-funk band (2000-2001)
Henriette Hansen (voc.), Sune (dr.), Brian (keyboards), (guit.), Simon (el. bass)

The simple hens

Jazz fusion band (1990)
Mette Maagaard (vocal), Søren Baunsgaard (keyboards), Jesper Dræby (dr.), André Andersen (el. guitar), Simon O. Rebsdorf (el. bass)

High Function

Funk-soul high school band (1989-1991)
Jesper Dræby (vocals), Søren Baunsgaard (Rhodes/hammond), Martin Vognsen (guit.), Lasse Rasmussen (dr.), Simon O. Rebsdorf (bass), Anders Blauenfeldt (trombone), Nikolas Nordby (trompet), Nikolaj Schneider (sax)

Visit my High Function Facebook page:

Young funksters

Sesam band

Primary School Band, Bryrup Skole (1983-87)