Bengt Strömgrens liv blandt stjerner

Det 20. århundredes astronomi i Danmark kan med en vis rimelighed kaldes for ‘Strömgren-århundredet,’ idet to generationer af Strömgren-familien ledte dansk astronomi i det meste af 1900-tallet, nemlig Elis Strömgren og hans søn Bengt Strömgren.

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World’s Non-Leaders Actively Choose Escalated Global Warming in Durban.

Alas. Such a sad and helpless feeling to learn that – yet again – the so-called world leaders in power don’t in fact manage to take the lead, despite the fact that this is their self-proclaimed role. Short-term national policy always gets the first priority; and in consequence, the world temperatures will evidently escalate above the two degrees tipping point in 2015. To me, it seems utterly incredible that the impotent world leaders can look themselves in the mirror. They have actively chosen to postpone an agreement to AFTER the year of the tipping point, as predicted by world scientists. I mean. They just don’t listen to the knowledge-based “global warnings”. Sorry to say, it really stinks. And don’t give me the “this is the best possible political deal”. Of course it isn’t! The non-result of the climate assembly simply shows that money talk louder than science. Sad trivial fact, I know. Why make a deal at all, when the deal turns out to be a non-deal for the climate? After all, protecting against the drastic climate development was allegedly what they met for. What a display of complete and void impotence.

Revamping takes time, sorry

I’m currently trying to revamp my old blog, partly by merging it with my former website, which does no longer exist (too expensive). So please be patient, folks!

Polly Jean Harvey as a poet

The new album from alternative rock artist P.J. Harvey, “Let England Shake” is serene poetry on the concept of war. I won’t say more, just refer you to this example from her own music video song (Facebook), “Written on the forehead”:


And God created war

And God created War. Apathetic sadness… I read the online “Kill Team” article featured in the Rolling Stone, and honestly, I won’t recommend it, unless you strive for dark nightmares and feelings of apathetic sadness over biting reality. Not surprisingly, this is worse than a hundred documentary war movies, obviously.

I don’t want to link to the article – go find it yourself, if you really want to learn about the universally and ubiquitously destroyed and depraved minds and acts of trained American combat soldiers in the Afghan war. Don’t know what I had expected – war rarely is particularly pleasant by definition – but this article displays a horror so genuine that it leaves me speechless.